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Welcome! Thank you for taking this step with me on your dog training journey.

You will find the chapters listed below. There are in no particular order and I fully encourage you to view all the course material whatever your level of knowledge, expertise and experience. 

The essential lessons will be marked. 

Course Curriculum

What's included?

195 Videos
5 Texts
John McGuigan
John McGuigan
Dog Trainer and Behaviour Consultant

About the instructor

John has been running one of the most successful dog training and behaviour modification business in Scotland for over 12 years. In that time he has amassed over 5500 hour of client facing hours and has  worked with over 2000 dogs. 

Being a cross over trainer and having lived with dogs showing aggressive behaviours as a result of inappropriate training methods, he knows only too well the challenges faced by owners living with these issues. 

Much of his work is dealing and offering training and behaviour solutions to owners living with dogs exhibiting aggressive behaviours. John focuses much of his teaching on the human movement and handling of the the dog, get that right and it makes life much easier. 

He has taught on several IMDT courses and hold regular tutorials for budding trainers and dog training enthusiasts throughout the year. He has presented in the UK, Australia, The USA and Europe. John is a graduate of the prestigious Karen Pryor Academy. He lives with his dog, Logan.

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